Sean Dainese

Managing Partner

Sean Dainese joined Regal Ventures in 2020 and has been a Managing Partner since 2022. He is responsible for the firm’s execution and operational strategy as well as shaping the firm’s investment vision.  Mr. Dainese oversees the asset management, investment, and operational efforts, while ensuring the precision of execution within each vertical.

During his tenure at Regal, Mr. Dainese has responsible for the organizational growth across the firms’ core divisions inclusive of company–level operations.

Prior to joining Regal, Mr. Dainese was a consultant with Accenture in its Client Financial Management division focused on financial forecasting and optimizing business efficiencies. In 2014, he began his real estate investment career acquiring multi and single-family investment properties in the northeast. Mr. Dainese is a successful food and beverage investor with multiple concepts in Washington DC including a Michelin Star restaurant.

Mr. Dainese graduated from the Penn State Smeal College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, as well as minors in Economics and Information Systems Management. He currently resides in New York City with his wife.